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Email: us@themallowtailor.co.uk            Phone: 07771 944228 or 07854 521996

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Llanfrynach, Brecon

The Mallow Tailor 5 Star Hygiene rating certificate

The Mallow Tailor is based out of The Old School, Llanfrynach, Brecon LD3 7AZ

Beautifully handmade vanilla marshmallow, topped with sea salted caramel, with your choice of chocolate. 

  • Our marshmallow is made using Fairtrade sugar and proper vanilla. 
  • Our caramel is made using Welsh cream and butter and Anglesey Sea Salt.  
  • Our chocolate is made from the finest Belgian chocolate, whose producers hold sustainability high on their agenda, as do we.
  • Our packaging is all recyclable and is thoughtfully packaged to ensure it arrives safely to your door.  

Caramallow - Box of 12 Chocolates

  • Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.